Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 9.2.18

On Wednesday we performed our Class Assembly for the whole school and our mummies and daddies. Our assembly was about what we have learnt so far in our Hot and Cold Topic.

‘We sang an Antarctica song’ Sophia

This half term we have been working on settings in our Talk for Writing in English. We have written about a setting in a hot place after reading about a setting in a cold place.

‘We have written a setting using a simile.’ Henry

‘We tried to write a sentence of 3.’ Jenson

Eshal was given GOLD for her amazing writing!

‘I liked the compliments people said to me being Child of the Week.’ Tommy

This week has been Internet Safety week so we have thought about how important it is to use the internet safely.

‘We heard a story about Internet Safety. A little girl thought she was going to meet a Penguinpig but she went to the zoo and it was a bear!’ Eshal

‘We know that we should not go somewhere without a grownup.’ Seth

‘Never ever ring or meet a stranger on your own.’ Jude

‘Never invite a stranger to come to your house, and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.’ Samuel

‘Always ask a grown up if you want to use the internet.’ William

‘Never take a picture of your house and put it on the internet. Don’t tell people your name or address.’ Aimee-May

‘We made posters for Internet Safety.’ Emma.

Miss Ely is going to put some of our posters in the ICT suite to remind everyone how to be safe on the internet.

Next week is half term so have a lovely week off!