Otters Blog – 19.1.18

This week we had a special delivery.  It was a box with a penguin inside.  We were curious to know why it was here and where it had come from.  We still are yet to find out.  We have used the i-pads to share information to make our penguin speak.  We used an app called Chatterpix Kids to do this. Working collaboratively we produced some very funny and amazing videos.  We have been creative and collaborative when we put together a dance routine. Also we have learnt a new story called Lost and Found.  We have followed a story map and used actions to tell it.  Come and see the photographs of new actions we have made up ourselves.   We listened to very peaceful and relaxing music about the rainforest.  We thought of words to describe how we felt when we listened to it.  In maths, we have been resourceful using number lines and our knowledge of partitioning to help us add and solve word problems.  This week we were curious to find out about the rainforest, deserts and polar regions.  We learnt about animals, plants and climate there. Our topic books are now filled with many pictures showing these places. We have been reflective thinking about what we have learnt and also editing and improving our work to make it better. We also elected two new Class Council Reps.  Well done to Kara-Mae and Thomas.

My favourite has been using Chatterpix Kids (Harry, Scarlett))My favourite has been listening to the music. I liked The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Kara-Mae)My favourite was drawing, colouring and labelling the Sahara Desert and the Polar regions.(Charlie H)My favourite was using number lines to help us add (Eden H)