Red Squirrels Blog 26.01.18

This week in challenge time we have been creative. We drew designs of our junk model and then we created them using the junk that we brought in from home. (Pixie)

Lenny has shown resilience during writing this week. He had to think about how he could use the phrases he had thought of on Thursday in his writing today.

Harry C believes we have been curious learners this week when we were learning about the word camouflage. We looked at images with animals in them and we had to try to spot them.

Codey thinks we have all been resilient writers this week because we had think carefully about what we were including in our descriptions of a setting.

We have also been learning about bar charts and tally charts this week in Maths. We asked each other what our favourite animal in the rainforest would be and created a tally chart. We then used this data to create a bar chart.

We have also been practising our times tables using an app on the ipads!