Red Squirrels Blog 19.01.18

We were all curious on Monday when a parcel arrived in Otter’s classroom and white footprints were beside it. We guess what was going to be inside the package.

Lenny was creative when he drew his pictures to show what lives in the Rainforest, desert and in the Polar Regions. We have been reflective and resilient because we had to go back to our work and remember what animals live in the different layers of the rainforest.

Mia was collaborative when she worked with Elsie, Olivia and Lenny during challenge time. They made hummingbirds using multi-link and began to create a scene.

Abigail thinks the whole class has been collaborative this week. We showed this when we learnt our new story plan called ‘Lost and Found’ we thought of different actions together.

Codey has shown curiosity this week in guided reading, he has found out how snakes eat their food. He discovered they eat them whole!

We have been learning to write questions this week. Olivia believes we have been curious because we asked the little boy from Lost and Found questions.