Rabbit Class Blog 18.1.18

“I have enjoyed doing Phonics” said Zach.

“I enjoyed learning all the new sounds like igh igh my pants are tight!” Said Thalia

“I like doing PE, waddling like a penguin.” Said Isla.

“I like doing the dance in PE.” Said Primrose.

“I liked bringing my cactus in to show everyone. Cactuses grow in a hot country.” Said Frankie.

“I’ve enjoyed learning new shapes. I now know what 3D and 2D shapes are and what a cylinder is.” Said Evie.

“I like doing lots of homework.” Said Chidubem.

“I’ve enjoyed writing my name.” said Finley.

“I like looking at hot and cold animals and sticking them down.” Said Isla.

“I liked our frozen lunch.” Said Maddie.

“I love golden time when we cook!” said Blake.