Otters Blog – 12.1.18

Our new topic is Hot and Cold.  We have been learning about the different countries that are hot and cold.  To help us we have been practising our map skills. We have looked at maps in an atlas.  We now know that there are 7 continents and 5 oceans in the world.

In our challenge time, we made snow globes and snowflakes to decorate the classroom.

In maths we have been resilient and resourceful.  We have learnt how to partition numbers and used this to help us add.  We have been resilient because we have continued to keep trying until we have got better at this. We also have worked collaboratively to solve sums together. Today we were able to solve word problems using what we had learnt and were all put on silver because of our continued hard work.

In English we have been reading poems.  We have worked collaboratively to write our own spine poems about a snowflake.  Later in the week we worked independently to write an acrostic poem.

We have been very creative and have made lots of animals for our rainforest display.  We used pastel, collage and paint to draw and decorate these. For our Inuit display, we sketched people and animals and then used water colour paints to decorate. Miss Davenport thought our displays looked great!