Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 19th January 2018

We have had a fantastic week learning all about our hot and cold topic.

We know lots of animals that live in hot places… “Camel” Caitlin. “Snakes” Arthur. “Tigers” Farrah.  “Cheetahs” Bella. “Kangaroo” Charlie. “Monkey” Amelie. “Africa is a really hot place. No one wears jumpers!” Arthur told us.

And lots of animals that live in cold places… “Snowy owl” George. “Polar bear” Lacie. “Penguins” Poppy. “Whales” Eliana.

Harley went on GOLD this week for doing amazing number work. He made a number line all by himself and even had a go at writing teen numbers too. We were very proud to watch him go up in assembly and show his outstanding learning.

We have started balance ability. That means that we have to learn how to balance on a bike with no stabilisers! We wear a helmet to keep our heads safe just in case we wobble off. Once we get really good at balancing we will be able to have a go at riding a bike all by ourselves!

In the forest area we were exploring length. We measures different planks of wood to build bridges long enough to go over the troll holes! We balance along our bridges to test them out and they worked!

This week we have been learning about different shapes. We know lots about shapes.

You can get 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes too. “Circle has one side all the way around!” Ruby.

We have chosen Arthur and Amelie to be our student council reps. They had to go to a really important meeting. “We have a special book to write in” Arthur.

What an amazing week! We can’t wait for more fun and learning next week J