Squirrels Class Blog 3.11.17

In challenge time I was creative when I made my firework picture using 2D shapes. I used a circle as the moon. I used a rectangle, a triangle and a small circle to create a rocket. (Isobel)

We were creative and collaborative when they made The Houses of Parliament in the construction area. We used an image of the building to make sure we had all of the parts in the right place. (Harry C and Robert)

Ellie-Mai and Codey were curious in Maths when they were trying to find the fractions of 2D shapes.

Pixie showed resilience this week when her firework picture made from 2D shapes did not go to plan the first time. She corrected her picture and kept on trying until she was happy with it.

All of Red group showed they were collaborative in their library session. They worked together to read stories and asked each other questions. Miss Claxton was so impressed they all received a silver sticker!

Elsie thinks all of Red Squirrels have been collaborative, reflective and creative when we have been using our Talk for Writing to learn our new instruction text called ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’.