Red Squirrels Blog 10.11.17

In Art we learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock. Lucy creative when  she drew a picture in the style of Pollock. She used a black felt tip to draw the curved lines and then chose 4 different colours to fill in some of the spaces created by the overlapping lines.

Isobel has shown resilience this week in Maths. At first she was unsure of how to tell the time but she hasn’t given up and is taking a clock home to practise with!

Lenny thinks all of blue group worked collaboratively when they used metre sticks to measure the length of our school hall. They had to work together to make sure they were measuring accurately.

In topic we have shown we are curious learners because we have lots of different questions we would like to find out the answers to about the Great Fire of London. (Harry C)

This morning at 11 o’clock we had one minutes silence to remember people who have fought in wars. We think this shows that we are reflective. (Miss Firth)

On Friday morning Maisie thinks Squirrels were creative when they made a Poppy for Remembrance Day.