Rabbits Blog 17.11.2017

This week we have learnt 5 new sounds! The children are starting to enjoy writing cvc words and having a go at writing the tricky words too!

We looked at instructions this week and looked at how we could pull an enormous turnip out of the ground. We put actions to our instructions.

In Maths we have been doing lots of number work.

Also this week the children enjoyed:

“I liked learning the b sound for Baby Brains. I like that story.” Said Evie.

“I liked doing gymnastics. I liked doing Mummy bear, Daddy bear and baby bear.” Said Primrose.

“I liked going to the library.” Said Holly.

“I liked bringing my Teddy in for the Children in Need Teddy Bear picnic!” said Dexter.

“I enjoyed learning the h sound. It’s h h I want my hat!” said Maddie.

“I enjoyed doing the story of the Enormous Turnip.” Said Isla.

“I wrote all the things for how to pull a turnip up.” Said Regan.