Rabbit Class Blog 10.11.17

On Monday we talked about fireworks and why we have fireworks.

“I made a sparkler out of junk modelling.” Said Maddie

“I like making breadstick sparklers!” said Lily-Rose.

“I liked drinking hot chocolate.” Said Eli.

“I liked blowing paint through straws.” Said Zach.

We enjoyed hot chocolate in the forest area.

We read the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. The children enjoyed drawing a story map and putting actions to the story.

“I did my own story map.” Said Maddie.

“I changed the story to Lacey and the enormous apple.” Said Lacey.

Also this week,

“I have enjoyed Maths.” Said Chidubem.

“I like playing in the big playground in Maths.” Said Isla.

“I enjoyed drawing.” Said Savanna.

“I liked Gymnastics.” Said Primrose.

“I like playing outside.” Said Logan

“I like writing letters.” Said Kaia.

“I like playing with the playdough.” Said Elle.

“I liked being the phonics fairy this week! I made wings and a wand.” Said Zach.

“I liked doing PE.” Said Holly.

“I like going on silver.” Said Maddie.