Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs’ Class Blog 17/11/17

Belle – “today I have liked having a picnic at school”

Reggie “I liked playing outside with my brother”

Charlie “I like everyone’s bear, my bears name is William”

Emily-Jane “I liked playing with friends and I played in the sand with Aeryn making castle”

Peter “I have been playing catch with my friends”

Amelie “I found a wiggly worm with Poppy, Lacie and Bella D”

Ella S “I’ve been playing with my friends and their bear”

George reminded us of our instruction actions “First”, “next”, “after that” and “finally”. Ava then explained that we were using these actions to write instructions for ‘How to pull a turnip out of the ground’.

George also reminded us that we have been “adding numbers” together this week. We have been doing this by using our ‘addition machine’, grouping children together and using other resources such as cubes, compare bears, dinosaurs…

Charlie got GOLD this week for practising his addition and writing the number sentence J