Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs’ Class blog 10/11/17

We started our week of having lots of fun in the forest where we practiced forming our numbers in the air with edible sparklers. The children said these were “very yummy”. We also had hot chocolate and made firework paintings by blowing paint.

Lacie reminded us that we have been learning a new story called ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We created a new story map and are beginning to learn the words and actions.

The phonics fairy has visited us again this week, which we have all been very excited about. She showed us three ways of making the same sound – c, k and ck. Arthur was very excited by this!

Belle and Farrah have “enjoyed making pictures for mummy”

Reggie liked his fish fingers for lunch this week and he got a sticker for eating it all up!

Caitlyn has enjoyed playing with her year 2 friends today, they played hide and seek.

Ava said that she “enjoyed playing on the bikes and trikes and the children took it in turns to push each other”.

Jenson has been playing football this week.

Harley said he “loves P.E”. We were able to use the apparatus and practices the shapes – baby bear, mummy bear and daddy bear.

Charlie made a fantastic puppet theatre and showed it to the class and Bella made a fabulous castle which even had lights inside!