Rabbits Blog 13.10.17

This week the children have had lots of fun learning phonics! The Phonics Fairy visited each day giving us a new book! We have read the books Jake the Snake, Tip Tap the dancing cat, The Big Sneeze and Pirate Pete!

Emily enjoyed learning the a sound. “A a a choo!” she said.

“I enjoyed popping bubbles for Pirate Pete!” said Finley.

“I liked doing the t sound because we tap danced” Said Primrose.

“I like writing words.” Said Maddie.

“I enjoyed the Puppet Theatre visitor because I like the Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Said Chidubem.

“I enjoyed drawing unicorns.” Said Kaia.

“I like writing numbers.” Said Isla.

“I like going in the sandpit.” Said Holly.

“I enjoyed drawing birthday cards.” Said Savannah.

“I enjoyed playing with the blocks. I made a boat.” Said Frankie.