Otter’s Blog – 13.10.17

This week we have tested our bodies with exercise activities to see what happens to our bodies.  We found out that running faster makes us sweat, breathe quicker and makes us thirsty. (Amber and Riley) We also learnt that some items are dangerous and some are safer. We talked about how dangerous things need to go on a top shelf so that we cannot touch or spray them.  These include: calpol, bleach, deodorant, tablets, medical spray and razors.

In English we have written our own version of Little Red Riding Hood.  We changed the characters, setting and who was being visited.  We have written some amazing stories.

Today we had the Garlic Puppet Theatre visit to tell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  “It was funny,” said Isaac, “ It was cool,” said Amelia, “ I found out that the goats sounded different because they wore different kinds of bells on them.” Esme

In maths we have been learning division.  We have practised sharing by 2, 5, 10.

In music we listened to a song and hummed or clapped the beat back. (Amelia)