Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs Blog 6.10.17

Hello everyone! We are the Fox Cubs class J

This is our first ever blog as we have been spending the last few weeks settling in to our new school and making lots of new friends.

Lots of exciting learning has been taking place in Fox Cubs class this week. Harley has learnt how to pedal a bike all by himself! We are so proud of him as he has been practising for weeks finding it really tricky and now he can do it! Harrison has also enjoyed playing outside on the bikes and trikes. Mrs Gould pushed him around in the push cart which was really fun!

A gift appeared! It was a gift from Goldilocks! She left us some porridge to try! It was very tasty, Amelie really enjoyed it. George said, ‘the teachers read us a story about Goldilocks.’ We have been writing our own story maps and we can now all re-tell the story all by ourselves J

At the beginning of the week we found a letter hanging from the ceiling. It was from someone called the Phonics Fairy. ‘She said is going to visit us and leave us new books,’ said Charlie. We can’t wait for her to visit again! Hopefully she can help us to start learning some letters and sounds too!

Amelie went on GOLD for doing amazing adding up sums. She even learnt the symbols + and = to use in her sums! Belle went on GOLD for her fantastic storytelling too J

What an exciting week it has been!