Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 30.06.17

On Monday we got a letter from Dippy the Dinosaur from the Dinosaur Park. He said he was looking forward to us visiting him soon and asked us if we wanted to ask any questions.

We have written back to him. (Pixie)

I wrote some questions in my letter to Dippy. (Isobel)

We have been thinking about the period of time when the Dinosaurs were on Earth. This was split into 3 time periods – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. We used our own books to research what the earth would have been like during these periods of time and which dinosaurs lived in which time period.

Anton from Hedgehogs class brought his tortoises in to show us. This is the closest thing to dinosaurs that we have now.

In Maths we have been naming and looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We made shape dinosaurs.

Today we have been scientists. We had to make a car for a dinosaur. (Jack)
We went to different teachers to do Science Day activities. (Harry C)
Mrs Burt’s activity was Volcanoes. We found out that volcanoes can be either ‘explosive’ (where rocks are shot up into the air) or ‘effusive’ (where the lava slides gently out of the top and down the side of the mountain).
We created our own volcanic eruption in class – luckily it was effusive!