Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog 7.7.17

This week we have enjoyed writing dinosaur riddles.  Zac and Laney said that we had to give clues and allow others to guess what is being described.  In maths we used geoboards on the ipads to make 2D shapes.  Today we then practised drawing different shapes on dotted paper.  We have also been practising how to find fractions of numbers.

We have been learning about Mary Anning.  She became famous for finding a sea monster fossil (Chloe).  Nell said we watched a video and played a game to learn lots of interesting facts.  Laney learnt that Mary called the fossils ‘curiosities’.  Phoebe learnt that Mary was born in 1799 and Cased said that her dog’s name was Tray.  Bafana told us that when her father died she visited the beach by herself.

We have really enjoyed working in our new groups for maths and English.  Isabella especially liked having chance to complete challenges.  She liked painting and Caleb enjoyed the popcorn game and the domino dinosaur.

We are looking forward to the Summer Fair and lots of us want to try out the School Council game throwing balls into dinosaur buckets.

Come and join us!