Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog 23.6.17

In English we have been writing a book about dinosaurs.  We have done lots of research using ipads, non-fiction books and computers.  Our plans are ready for us to start writing up next week.  Flynn said he liked going on the ipads to find out about the Ankylosaurus!

Today we designed our own pictures of dinosaurs using 2d shapes.  They look very impressive.  We have practised weighing and measuring dinosaur bones.  Robyn found out that the smallest bones were the lightest.

In topic we enjoyed watching a video clip showing a Stegosaurus and an Allosaurus.  We had to then decide which we felt was the most dangerous.  We did differ in our opinions, but all gave good reasons for our decisions.  Lyla felt that the Stegosaurus was most dangerous because it had plates on its back and pushes blood into them to scare away enemies and it had sharp spikes on its tail (Chloe).  Thomas thought that the Allosaurus, as it was a meat eater, was more dangerous.  Arabella said it had really sharp claws and teeth.

We were very excited about our visit to the Junior School.  Caleb liked getting a rocket lolly.  Laney enjoyed making herself into an Egyptian!  Flynn liked seeing his brother Hanley and Nell liked playing with the older children.