Otters 2016-17

Otters Blog 30.6.17

In English we have been making a non-fiction book all about dinosaurs (Taylor).  Darcie remembered that we needed to include a contents page, glossary, index, page numbers and headings.

We went on a Bee Bot program using ipads to get the Bee Bot to the flowers.  We all thought that this was really good, if a little tricky.  Charlotte said it got more complicated and harder each time.

In maths we sorted dinosaurs into a Carroll diagram.  Maisie showed her work in assembly.  We have also learnt about different types of teeth and how diet influenced the types of teeth dinosaurs had.  Carnivores had really sharp incisors and canines.  Herbivores had flat molars.  We have also been busy starting to learn songs and poems ready for the summer fayre and the Leavers Service.

On Friday we had a Science Day where we carried out different investigations.  We made erupting volcanoes, made and tested model cars on ramps and tested how well camouflaged string bugs were in the forest area and on the field.