Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbits Class 12/05/17

We have had a very exciting week learning.

“I enjoyed learning about money in maths” said Luke.

“I enjoyed doing writing on the board, I wrote a sentence” said Elijah.

“I enjoyed putting the ball in the hoop in PE” said Dexter.

“I enjoyed playing lions and zebras in PE” said Charlie-Roy.

“I enjoyed learning new sounds this week, air” said Lexie.

“We have been making lions” said Luke.

“I enjoyed making a story map about goldilocks” said Ozzy.

We all enjoyed making fruit smoothies.

“I enjoyed drinking it the best” said Luke.

“I enjoyed cutting it up the best using the bridge with the knife” said Tommy.

“I liked choosing the fruit” said Hope.

“I liked eating some of the watermelon we had left” said Finlay.

“I enjoyed doing hand writing and going on silver” said Lexie.

We have had a super week and can’t wait for more learning next week