Owls 2016-17

Owl’s Class Blog 28.04.17

As part of our new topic we visited Tesco.


‘At Tesco we met a lady called Karina.’ Olivia

‘We held different fish and tasted cheeses.’ Ellie-Mai

‘We went in the chiller and the freezer. It was very cold!’ Lenny

‘We went in the warehouse and saw a computer that had a spy camera outside. The camera helped the man to see when a truck was coming. He pressed a button to open the gate and let the truck in. The truck could back up to the door and be unloaded with all the food for the shop.’ Harry C

‘We had a fruit snack at Tesco.’ Jayden

We have also been thinking about Food Groups and how to eat healthily.

‘We had to pick a card out of the box. Two hoops were on the floor one said healthy and one said unhealthy food. We had to look at our card and put the picture of the food in the right hoop.’ Chloe

‘We then drew pictures on our own Food Pyramid.’ Halle

Codey looked at a bottle of orange juice at home and noticed that 18% of it was sugar.

‘This week we have been trying to be resilient.’ Elsie

Mrs Burt chose Thomas to stand up in our Good Learning assembly because he has been very resilient with his writing this week.

‘Our new student council representatives are Ellie-Mai and Lenny.’ Pixie