Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog 5.5.17

In maths we have been practising our dividing.  We have to make sure that we share between the right number of ‘plates’.

We’ve been learning more about the rainforest.  We went on a treasure hunt to search for objects belonging to the rainforest.  We used these to help us with our descriptive writing.  Today we used Talk for Writing to re-tell an adventure in the jungle.  We used pictures and actions to help us.

In science we carried out a chocolate investigation.  We wanted to see where the best place to store chocolate was.  Maisie tested what would happen when it was kept in her pocket.  Olivia kept some in her hands.  They both melted but when we went outside they hardened again.  We learnt that chocolate can melt by the sun or heat into a liquid and can go hard when it is cooled.

In topic (geogpraphy) we learned which different rainforest lots of familiar foods originally came from and plotted them on a world map.  Robyn was chosen to show in assembly for showing resourcefulness when she magpied (borrowed) ideas from class and other places to improve her writing.

As I walked into the rainforest I heard the rain                                                 pattering down on the leaves like relaxing music.  Then I touched the velvety feathers on the parrot’s back.