Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog – 28.4.17

Our focus this week has been on resilience.  This means if we do something wrong, you try again.  Taylor showed resilience in his writing which he shared in assembly, because he didn’t give up and kept trying.

In maths we have been learning how to read a variety of scales.  We have practised using real weighing scales.  We have also been learning how to add 3 numbers easily by knowing our number bonds to 10.  All week we have been reminding ourselves about using commas to write lists.  We have written some super descriptions about the rainforests, Caleb, Zac and Maisie received a silver for their work.  Macy and Millie received silver for thinking of excellent exclamation sentences.

We have been on a visit to Tesco on Thursday.  Bella liked going in the freezer! Darcie enjoyed tasting the different milks.  Flynn enjoyed shopping for items around the store.

We are all very excited about our new incentive to read.  If we read lots we will receive RED TED.  Maisie, Flynn and Thomas have read every day this week, so well done.  In science we have been drawing all different foods we need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.