Red Squirrels 2016-17

Red Squirrels Class blog for 10.03.17

In English we have been looking at leaflets. We have been writing our own leaflets about Castles (William)

Leaflets have to have a title on the front cover so the reader knows what it is about. (Tilly)

Leaflets also have subheadings to tell you what different parts are about. (Dulcie)

We have been writing information leaflets. (Ikechi)

Leaflets should also have pictures and captions to tell you what the picture is. They are also colourful to make them eye-catching. (Immy)

In Maths we have been learning about Pictograms. (Alex) Pictograms show information.

We collected data by using a tally chart, it shows how many people like each thing. We collected data to see what colour shield we would have if we were knights.

In Phonics we have been learning about apostrophes to show possession, which means it belongs to someone.

Apostrophes do two special jobs sometimes they take letters away but sometimes we use them to show something belongs to someone. (Shayna)

In Art we have been making tin foil knights using 2d shapes. (Freddy and Ollie)

We have been learning about Islamic artefacts in RE. We learnt that Muslims have a special book called the Qur’an. (Macie and Khadijah).