Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 10.3.17

“This week we have learnt the sounds ai and ee.” Said Hope.

“I liked learning the new tricky word, you.” Said Jenson.

“We read the story Rapunzel.” Said Reece.

“The Wicked Witch tries to cut her hair!” said Emma

“So the prince can’t get to her.” Added Hope.

“The good people are Rapunzel and Flynn.” Said Samuel.

“The witch is a bad person.” Said Liam.

“The witch is evil and horrible and nasty.” Said Cherri-Rose.

“Rapunzel is kind, good and beautiful.” Said Jenson.

“I wrote the story of Rapunzel.” Said Eshal.

“I enjoyed playing Rapunzel. I was Flynn Rider.” Said Samuel.

“I enjoyed doing lots of numbers sentences and sharing them in assembly.” Said Farrah.

“I enjoyed doing number sentences and writing numbers.” Said Lexie.

“I enjoyed doing some number sentences.” Said Tommy.

“I enjoyed adding numbers together.” Said Olivia.

“I enjoyed making a card for Mummy.” Said Lily.