Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cub’s Class Blog Friday 17th March 2017

What a super week of learning! This week we have been designing our own dragon island ready for when Sid needs to move away. We have also ben doing some amazing writing! In maths we have been thinking about sharing. We found out sooo many fantastic facts about doubles (look at our photos!)

This week we also had a special day on Thursday where we enjoyed an AMAZING day learning all about science! We had a scientist visitor, and have been choosing to do our own experiments to find out all about the world too!
“Scientists test stuff and they find stuff out like how volcanoes erupt. They use pots to look at stuff” Aimee-May explained.
“They look at things that crack and go fizzy” George said.
“They do chemical reactions. I also know about calcium… It’s quite healthy. Things are translucent and it means they are clear” Harvey explained.
“They check bugs have a safe home” Ebony said. We learnt a posh new word called a ‘habitat’ which is the word we use for an animal’s home.
“People at museums are scientists. They look at rocks and find out about volcanoes erupting” Henry explained.
The children have had some fantastic conversations about science. They have been carrying out their own experiments and observations too!

Another particularly special day this week was today, as it was our ‘fabulous finish’ for our castles and dragons tonic. We have absolutely LOVED learning about castles and dragons! We have learnt soo much and especially loved looking after Sid and Rosie!
Today, to celebrate our amazing topic, we had a visit from a king and a queen!
They showed us some dragons and let us ask questions all about them!
“What are the holes?” Liliana asked. The holes were the dragon’s ears!
“How long do dragons live for?” Isaac asked. They live for about a thousand years! “Wow dragons live more than us!” Mabel said!
“They shed their skin like snakes!” Aimee-May said.
We did a medieval dance for the king and queen, and celebrated some amazing home learning by awarding GOLD and ‘knighting’ the boys and ‘crowning’ the girls as a princess!

What a fantastic week! We can’t wait for more super learning next week J