Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 10.02.17

We have spent the week putting all our learning from this half term into practice and have centred it around a book called, The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward.

Abigail and Alfie enjoyed the beginning of the week when they had to find dragons hidden around the classroom. Abigail had the same dragon as Lexi.

Ellie-Mai enjoyed making a map of the ‘place where the dragons belong.’ Her map included a big forest.

Pixie liked working with Joshua and Robert to plan and make their model.

At the end of the week we created an exhibition of all the models we had made and included a piece of writing telling others about our model. We then invited the Hedgehogs class in to see our exhibition and they invited us to theirs. It was really good fun.

Harry C really liked looking at the Hedgehog exhibition. ‘My favourite was Riley’s group. It had jet boosters on the back and yogurt pots for eyes.’

‘Alyssa’s model smelt like chocolate.’ Mia ‘It has different colours and lots of detail.’ Halle

‘I liked Charlie O’s model. It had yogurt pots for its mouth’ Jayden

Lenny enjoyed talking to people about his machine as part of the exhibition and Mrs Angell said how impressed she was that his group’s model matched their plan.

The Hedgehogs were just as complimentary about our models too;

Alyssa, ‘I like the way Abigail’s group made their model roll using bottles.’

Finley, ‘Robert’s groups model was really interesting because they had used lots of different materials.’

Charlie O, ‘I could see that Erin’s group had used their plan.’

Sophia, ‘Codey’s group had opened up the bottom and there were little lolly sticks inside.’

Here are lots of pictures showing all our learning his week.

Also this week, the Owls performed an assembly to their parents and the rest of the school. It was based on all our learning about dragons and Mrs Burt was very impressed with everyone involved for being so sensible and confident infront of such a large audience.

Well done Owls.

Have a well deserved break next week and we will catch up with you all again with our next blog on the 24th February.