Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog 24/2/2017

On Monday we listened to “The Princess and the Pea story” Seth told us.

“There was a pea on the chair from the Princess. She also left us a letter!” Emilia said. We even had a visit from the princess! We used the question dice to help us to ask her questions.

“We are doing dragons and castles” Ahmad reminded us.

“We have been measuring peas. We used scales, and measuring tapes that were one hundred centimetres that is the same as one metre” Liliana said.

We have also been researching and learning about foxes. “There are different types of foxes. Some that live in the arctic” Henry said. “They are called arctic fox” Aimee-May said. “There are red foxes but they look orange and brown” she continued.

“Arctic foxes can break the ice. They break the ice because they want to get to the food” Emilia said.

“Foxes don’t fuss with their food” Harvey said. They eat everything!

“Foxes have light up eyes so they can see in the dark and see really good and they can scare other animals” Jenson said.

“Foxes live in the wild” Asa said.

Ebony reminded us that “foxes can live up to fourteen years”.

“A baby fox is called a cub” Elsie-May told us.

We love learning and can’t wait to find out more about foxes! Lots of us have even been creating our own fact books by researching on the internet, printing pictures, and writing facts all by ourselves!