Red Squirrels 2016-17

Blog 03.02.2017

In Maths we have multiplying and sharing. (Rhys) When we multiply we used arrays (Alfie) we also used a number line to help us to multiply (Shayna).  Alex prefers to use arrays.

When we divide we use our sharing method (Ikechi).

In English we have been planning our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk using a backwards  ‘S’ plan. Immy’s story is called Immy and the Beanstalk. We changed different parts of the story, Sophia stole 2 items from the Dragon they were a crystal and a unicorn! When we got to the top of the beanstalk we met a Dragoness and a Dragon (Freddy).









In Science we have been using our results from our experiment last week to draw a graph. Our graphs showed the different materials that knocked down the wall (Oliver).



In History we have been learning about who lived in the castle and the jobs they did.  (Shayla)

We learnt that the Knight’s ride on horses and they have to train for 14 years! (Macie)

There is a person called a Gong Farmer, they had a yucky job of looking after the toilet! (Grace)

Jesters had the job of amusing the king. (Jack)

Soldiers also lived in the castle they had to fight on foot and protect the castle from enemies. (Ikechi)

Lois enjoyed her guided reading book this week, she read Little Red Riding Hood. Lois thought it was funny because Granny was hiding in the cupboard!