Red Squirrels 2016-17

Red Squirrels Blog 6.1.17

Wow what an exciting start to our new half term! When we came into school we noticed something different in the forest area!

Miss Davenport called an emergency assembly where we found out that something had laid 6 huge eggs in a nest. They were all different colours! (Jack) Miss Davenport emailed The Natural History museum and we were told to collect lots of evidence.

We went outside and looked for clues (Dulcie). Then we had to draw a map to show people where we had found the clues (Oliver).

We found green skin, bushes that had been chopped down, scratches on the trees, sticks that were burnt and a strange looking object that was bright pink!


On Friday we had another assembly! Today Horatio Bartholemew Smythe came to the school. He said our eggs are definitely DRAGON EGGS! He came round each class to look and listen to the eggs. We asked him lots of questions that we had written the day before.  Dr Smythe told us the eggs like to listen to stories and singing.