Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 27.01.17

“We have been learning about Chinese New year.” Said Alfie.

“We tried Chinese food.” Said Finley.

“The prawn crackers were my favourite.” Said Luke.

“We had noodles too.” Said Dexter.

“We watched a film on Chinese New Year and the animals had a race through the river and the dragon flew to help the rabbit on the log.” Said Alfie.

“The rat pushed the cat in the water.” Said Hope. “Every single animal is going in the calendar except the cat because he lied.”

“It’s the year of the rooster.” Said Isaac.

“We’ve been making dragons.” Said Charlie-Roy.

“We’ve been ordering Chinese food.” Said Lexie.

“I enjoyed serving Chinese!” said Hope.

“I ordered the animals like 1st the rat, 2nd I can’t remember but the tiger was 3rd” said Samuel.

“I’ve been writing numbers backwards.” Said Cherri.

“I’ve been writing Chinese numbers.” Said Eshal.

“I made lots of 3D shapes using the bricks.” Said Finley.

“I’ve been counting backwards.” Said Farrah.

“I’ve been making castles with bricks.” Said Tommy

“I made a ramp to see which car won.” Said Alfie.

“I enjoyed Rosie (the class dragon) coming to my house.” Said Dexter.