Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 13.01.17

“On Monday the egg cracked.” Said Ozzy.

“The dragons popped out!” said Finley.

“The eggs had hatched.” Said Farrah.

“We called one of them Rosie.” Said Eshal.

“We have to look after them.” Said Jude.

“We made them a house.” Said Dexter.

“We take him home each night to our houses.” Said Cherri-Rose.

“It is fun to have the dragons at home.” Said Tommy.

“I’ve made 2 castles this week with the hard bricks.” Said Samuel.

“I enjoyed playing outside.” Said Reece.

“I liked making a shield.” Said Luke.

“I’ve been writing tricky words.” Said Mabel.

“I wrote 4 sentences!” said Luke

“I wrote some tricky words and a sentence.” Said Finley.

“I’ve been counting up to 14.” Said Farrah.