Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 27.01.17

It is Chinese New Year this weekend. It is the year of the Rooster.





‘We have made Chinese Dragons.’ Albie

‘We watched a video of a Chinese Lion Dance. I liked the bit where one of the men sits on the other man’s shoulder. It was almost like he was flying.’ Charlie S

‘We had to colour in some Chinese lanterns. If they were odd we coloured them yellow. If they were even we coloured them red.’ Pixie

‘To work out if a number is odd or even you can count in twos and see the pattern. When you count in 2s the numbers are even.’ Lenny

‘In our Library time we made a red envelope that we could put chocolate coins in.’ Isobel

‘Red means good luck.’ Ruby

‘We have made Chinese drums out of paper plates.’ Lexi

In our other learning, we have been finding half in maths this week.

We began by investigating half of shapes and looking at different ways of finding half of a square.


‘I like finding half of a number by drawing it out on a whiteboard.’ Joshua

‘I have learnt that if you can halve a number it means the number is even.’ Alfie

Great learning everyone!

We are all very proud of Elsie and Charlie C who went to Lynnsport this week to take part in a Gymnastics competition. The team did very well and came third. Well done everyone!

We are all trying very hard to make ourselves the best learners we can be. We are learning to accept Challenges and not to give up when we find things a bit tough.

We have a Star Challenge each day in class and we see how many we can do in a week.

‘We need to push ourselves with our learning.’ Mia