Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 13.01.17

When we came to school on Monday morning we all had a big surprise! The eggs that we found last week had hatched and we had 6 baby dragons in school!!

Our dragon was purple and sparkly. (Alfie)

We named our dragon Luna. (Pixie)

In the classroom Luna stays in a cage. We read her stories. (Ellie-Mai)

When we are all out of the classroom at lunchtime Luna picks a name and that is the person she wants to take her home that night. (Harry C)

So far this week Luna has been to stay at Mrs Burt, Pixie, Joshua and Charlie C’s houses.

We take home a handbook that helps us look after Luna. (Jayden)

Codey has enjoyed spending his challenge time looking through some dragon books and finding out what different dragons look like and what their eggs look like.

In our English work we have looked at the book, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ We told the story using actions. (Lenny)

Mia was able to spot contractions in the story. She knows that some words have an apostrophe in place of some missing letters to make the words shorter. For example, ‘we are’ becomes ‘we’re’.

Our topic is dragons and castles. (Robert) So we have started looking at lots of different castles.

We had 4 pictures and we had to put them in order. The first type of castles were called Motte and Bailey. (Erin)

Some castles have a moat around them so bad guys can’t get into the castle. (Lenny)

We had to build our own castles with a partner.(Lucy)