Owls 2016-17

Owl’s Class Blog 06.01.17

We have all had a lovely restful holiday but while we have been away from school something strange has happened.

A big nest appeared in the Forest Area.

We found some eggs in the Forest Area. (Pixie)

We found some other clues to help us discover what had laid the eggs. (Alfie)

We found a dragon fruit inside a tyre in the forest area. (Chloe) Dr. Horatio Bartholomew-Smythe told us this was like chocolate for baby dragons.

We found scratch marks, some sticks that were black, some teeth and some dragon skin. (Ellie-Mai)

We found a strange thing that looked like a dragon might have chewed it up and spat it out. (Lucy)

There was a dragon claw print on the grass. (Albie, Harry T)

There were burnt sticks. (Rhyley)


Dr. Horatio Bartholomew-Smythe came to our school and checked the eggs. (Elsie)

He told us that our eggs were actually DRAGON eggs! (Erin)

We have brought an egg into the classroom so that it doesn’t get cold. (Jack)

Some of us read stories to the baby dragon in the shell because Dr. Bartholomew-Smythe told us how they can hear everything happening around them.




We are all egg-cited to see if and when it is going to HATCH!!!!!!!!!!