Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 20th January 2017

We have had a brilliant week this week, and have been learning all sorts of different things. “We love playing” said Harvey.

“I have been writing numbers” Scott said, “and I wrote tricky words!”

“Me and Asa were looking for clues for bad guys! We found the slime monster! He was all slimy” Seth told us. The boys wrote down the clues that they found too.

We all worked really hard to make a dragon in the forest area. Lola and Liliana showed everybody their dragon in assembly! They told us all about their dragon, using 3D shape language such as cylinder, long, flat, solid. They went on GOLD for their amazing dragon sculpture! Sophia was very proud of them.

“I know the tricky words the, to, I, he, go, and no” Ahmad said. We have been working so hard to read and write our tricky words and have all got really good at it.

“We did dragon stories” Elsie-May said. The children were fantastic at writing dragon stories this week.

Lennon worked with his friends to create a number line using numicon. He went all the way to twenty one “two tens and one one” he explained, getting the corrected pieces. Lennon continued with his number line, making numbers twenty two, twenty three… “Oh no! we have no more ten pieces!” he said. Lennon solved his problem by finding other ways to make ten and carry on. What amazing learning!

We are very excited for next week. Henry is hoping we will be learning about making flags. Lennon is excited to have another go at building a dragon in forest area. We can’t wait!