Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog 6.1.17

Miss Davenport called an assembly on our first morning back as she discovered some mysterious eggs in our forest area! Miss Davenport reported the discovery to the Natural History Museum and she received a reply asking the children to be eggs-plorers and find out as much information as we can to report back to them.

We went looking for clues! Wes saw some scratches on the tree “the creature has claws!” he said! Chloe found a strange looking fruit in the forest area. “I know what that is! Its a dragon fruit!” Ebony told us. We researched on the internet to check- and she was right! Was it a clue…!?

The children discussed what animals/creatures they know that lay eggs. Some suggestions included a chicken, a toucan, a dinosaur and a snake. We also had a go at measuring different sized eggs from different animals and creatures to try and work out what could be inside.

We loved investigating and we sent our evidence back to the Natural History Museum.

After receiving the information we sent, a ‘Professor’ from the Natural History Museum came to visit our school. He confirmed they were friendly Dragon eggs. We asked him lots of questions. “How long will it be until the whole dragon body had grown?” Henry asked. “How long until they crack out?” Liliana asked.

It turns out, dragons love stories and songs so we have spent the day singing and reading to the egg. We have made it a lovely warm nest and made sure we are extra careful looking after it. Lola saw it crack! Elsie-May thinks it may have changed colour during the day too!

We are all very excited to see if they hatch! Miss Riddington promised to take the eggs home over the weekend just in case anything happens!