Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cub Blog 13.1.17

What a fantastic week!

The eggs have hatched, and out came some beautiful, friendly, sparkly, colourful, dragons!
We absolutely adore them 🙂 We wrote down some name suggestions and put them in a basket. We have decided to call our dragon Sid!
We then realised that we need to take Sid home each night to look after him. Miss Riddington took him Monday, Mrs Lemmon Tuesday, and now we are all going to have a turn taking him home too. Sid loves stories so we make sure that he gets a bedtime story, and that we write in the dragon diary too!

Chloe went on gold for her amazing maths work this week. She was able to tally the different colour dragon eggs that she found in the forest area, and use her recordings to retrieve information!

Charlie has been telling us dragon stories on the storytelling chair.

We have also got really good at taking it in turns too! That means we are all really good at sharing our ideas to play knights and dragons games too.

What a super week!
I wonder what Sid will get up to next week…!?