Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs’ Class Blog 2/12/16

IT IS DECEMBER! We are so so excited! Not only do Henry, Sophia, Chloe, and Wesley have a birthday this month… But we can count down how many days left in December until Christmas!

On Thursday we came into school and a naughty elf had appeared! He was hanging above the fish tank… upside down! Glitter EVERYWHERE! We decided, as it was then December, that we were going to decorate our classroom. We made decorations, wrote Christmas letters, and even did some dancing because we were so excited too!
Lots of children worked together to create an elf workshop! In the elf workshop we can dress up and make toys for all the girls and boys. Harry was in charge of the naughty and nice lists, so he ticked off the children as they were each made a toy!
Henry dressed up as Father Christmas and said “ho ho ho” as the elves all worked in his workshop!
Joe was busy ordering Christmas numbers. He worked so hard that he was able to order them all the way to 20!
Emilia wrote a fantastic list of what she would like for Christmas, using her sounds all by herself to write words!
William, Samuel, and George made a Christmas sleigh from the wooden blocks, which they then had a fantastic time playing with.
Jenson and Henry also made a sleigh. They worked so well together discussing their ideas and adapting their design.
Scott made some beautiful Christmas wrapping paper.
Lots of children worked together to make a paper chain… and it was so long it was longer than 1m!
What an amazing (and super exciting) week!
We wonder what the naughty elf will get up to next week…!?