Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 25.11.16

This week we read the story “The Gingerbread man.”

“The Gingerbread man ran as fast as he can.” Said Emma

“The fox chased him” added Eshal.

“He said run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me, I’m a Gingerbread man” said Reece.

“The fox flipped him and then he went in his house then he was chomped into his belly.” Said Jenson.

“Then they went home and made a cake and then went for a picnic.” Said Cherri.

In Maths, we were looking at counting, by saying one number for each item.

“I rolled the dice and put that many buttons on the Gingerbread man.” Said Luke

“I drew the other side of the Gingerbread man picture.” Said Cherri.

In PE we have been doing Gymnastics.

“I liked presenting in PE.” Said Jenson.

“We learnt to rock and roll.” Said Reece.

We are really enjoying our Golden time choices.

“I’ve enjoyed building.” Said Finley.

“I’ve enjoyed gardening.” Said Polly.

“I enjoyed playing sports on the field.” Said Liam.