Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 4.11.16

To start the half term we have had a mini topic all about Autumn.

We thought about the colours we see in the Autumn and we wrote some sentences about different objects. Both Isobel and Jack wrote about a pumpkin.

image001 image003

Thomas knows that we end a sentence with a full stop and when we want to speak louder we need an exclamation mark.

Abigail told us we need a capital letter at the beginning of our sentences.

Some of us learnt that we could put ‘and’ in our sentences. ‘This makes it longer.’ (Alfie)

Rhyley has enjoyed learning a song and dance about the months of the year. Why not click on this link and get the children to sing it to you.

As a special treat we had a very exciting visit to Pensthorpe, Natural Park.

Lenny enjoyed racing Harry C and Miss Sampson down the slide in Hootz House.

Elsie and Charlie O (Hedgehog) went on the swing that spun them round and round.

Halle enjoyed going down the big curly slide in Hootz House.

It was Harry C’s first visit to Pensthorpe and he really enjoyed taking part in the stamp trail.

Mia loved visiting Pensthorpe and thought it was really good.

Harry T enjoyed racing different people on the 3 slides.

Jayden liked the indoor slides and it was his first visit.

Chloe liked the dark tunnel. Mrs Burt also went in the tunnel. It was very dark!

Lucy enjoyed sliding down the fireman’s pole in Hootz House.

This weekend lots of us are going to be seeing some fireworks. We have talking about ways in which we can keep safe. Here are our rules;

picture1Stand well back from the fireworks.

Adults only should light the fireworks.

Wear gloves when holding a sparkler.

When your sparkler goes out, put it in water or sand so it doesn’t burn anything.

Keep your pets safe. Keep them indoors.