Hedgehogs 2016-17

Hedgehogs Blog 25th November 2016


This week has been all about the Three Billy Goats Gruff!


In English we read the story and then made a story map of it. We used this to learn the story so that we could tell it. We then thought about the characters and the setting and how we could change these but still keep some of the events in the story the same.

Then this is what we did . . .

“Today we planned our own stories by making a story map.”

“We are doing our own version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.”

“We all used different ideas.”

“We changed the characters and setting on our story map.”

On Wednesday we looked at lots of different bridges and then we worked in groups to build a bridge that was strong enough for the Three Billy Goats to cross over. If they fell off the bridge the Troll would eat them! It was hard work but good fun.

In maths we have been looking closely at numbers and we have used Numicon to help us.

“Some of it has been very hard to do.” Alyssa

We have been making numbers with the Numicon and then looking at numbers that are one more or one less than that number. Yesterday we used Numicon to find the difference between two numbers.

Today we used a Splat square to make big numbers with the Numicon. Mrs Angell splatted a number on the 100 square and the groups had to make the number with Numicon. It was really, really super fun!