Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog 18/11/16

What a fantastic week of learning! This week we have been thinking about the story of The Billy Goat’s Gruff! (Which has meant lots of scary trolls and dancing to the Trolls music too!) We have been learning new sounds, and are now beginning to write words all by ourselves!

Sophia, Liliana, Farrah, and Hope loved playing in the toy shop this week. They were the shop keepers and they wrote price tags, receipts, and decided what time the shop opens and closes too! They had lots of customers which they were very polite to, helping them to know how much things cost. We are really enjoying our toy shop role play!

Emilia has been writing sentences all by herself! “I went on silver because my sentence was so good!” She told us excitedly.

We have been loving the challenges again this week. We decided to work as a team (Fox Cubs team!) to try and get more challenge stickers than the rabbits… and we did it! We were so excited as we have been working so hard. Aimee-May won the challenge prize last week, we wonder who will win it this week…!?

Henry has been using numicon to add numbers together. He made lots of different numbers and even put them in order too! Miss Riddington was very impressed!


Asa worked with his friends to make a fantastic bridge from the Billy Goats Gruff story. They worked together using the wooden blocks, checking that their design would be safe above the water. It was fantastic! Once finished, the boys acted out the story by trip trapping over the bridge and having a scary troll leap out and say “who’s that trip trapping under my bridge!?”


We have been writing evil plans for the troll to help him catch the goats too! By using the sounds we know, and our robot arms, we have been able to write a plan!

We even had a go at making music this week. By listening carefully to the sounds that the instruments made, we matched the sounds to the different characters in the story, the used the music to re-ten the story! “That sound is good for the troll because it is angry!” Hope said. “That sound is good for the baby goat as it’s really quiet” Lola suggested.

What an amazing week! We have been so busy and can’t wait for another week full of lots of fun and learning 😄