Otters 2016-17Red Squirrels 2016-17

7th October

image001We have had a super week, we have become superheroes!

In English we have been learning about poetry, we read the story of Charlie’s Superhero Underpants by Paul Bright. We noticed that some of the words in the booked rhymed and created a rhythm to the story. We then learnt about acrostic poems, we realised that not all types of poems have to rhyme.

In Maths we have been collecting data using Tally Charts. Everyone was asked what superpower they would have if they were a superhero. We then used this data to create Bar Diagrams and Pictograms. We discussed which superpower was the most popular and which was the least popular.

In Design and Technology, we created our own superheroes. We gave them capes to help us fly high in the sky, we also gave them masks to protect their true identify! See if you can spot them soaring through the Year 2 cloakroom!