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30th September

This week we have been learning about a hero from the past, her name was Florence Nightingale.

In English we used our questioning skills to write some questions that we would like to find out about Florence Nightingale. In Computing we used our questions to research Florence Nightingale, we found out some interesting facts about her life. We found out that she made a lot of changes in hospitals when she was alive!  We then wrote statements about Florence Nightingale making sure we used capital letters at the beginning of our sentences and a full stop at the end.

Did you know the soldiers in the hospital where Florence worked had a pet tortoise called Jimmy?

In Maths we have been adding. At the beginning of the week we used maths equipment to support us, by the end of the week we have all used written methods to add using a blank number line.

In Art we used sketching pencils to sketch a portrait of Florence Nightingale, we learnt how to use the sketching pencils to create light and dark shades.