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21st October

On Monday Year 2 were sent a message from Traction Man! Traction Man was feeling bored because he hadn’t been on an adventure for a very long time. He had a cunning plan, he said he would like an adventure in our school.

We all made a new Traction Man, we designed suits that were suitable for the job using cardboard, spilt pins and felt tip pens.

Oliver’s Traction Man had a rainbow suit so he couldn’t be seen in the rainbow outside.

Lois’ Traction Man had a starry suit so he could be seen when lights reflect on him.

Imogen’s Traction Man had a black and brown camouflage suit so that he blended in with his surroundings.

Dulcie’s Traction Man had a green and black suit so that the Evil Spade could not see him!

On Tuesday we all wrote a new adventure story for Traction Man.

We have also been very busy completing our Maths quizzes.

Today we have had a superhero day, we are all dressed in our superhero costumes.

Have a wonderful half term, see you when we get back!