Fox Cubs 2016-17

21st October 2016

Wow! What a super week! We have loved playing in our new superhero den, and we have all been making superhero training courses too!

Today is a special day because we are all dressed up in our superhero costumes!

Also this week…

“I was playing snakes and crocodiles” Said Asa.

“I have been playing superheroes with Ebony!” Chloe told us.

“I have been playing with Liliana, Lola, and Elsie. We made superhero traps” Sophie said.

“I have been playing snakes with Scott and Charlie-Roy and Neidas” Seth told us.

“I have been playing with Elsie and Sophia and Chloe and we were playing superheroes” Aimee-May said.

We now all know the “m” and “n” sounds.

“S, a, t, p, i aswell” Caleb said.

Ebony went up in assembly with her outstanding work. She showed us her super maths skills and went on GOLD too!

We have had a good week and we are all looking forward to our holidays at home.