Owls 2016-17

21st October 2016

We had a big shock when we came to school on Monday. Our class mascot ‘Snowy’ had disappeared!!

A letter was left in the classroom telling us that Snowy had gone on a little ‘holiday’ and we would have to complete some challenges to get him back. The letter was signed by someone called ‘The Evil P.’ No-one knew who this Evil P was but we thought we had better work hard on the challenges so that Snowy could be returned.

One morning we noticed lots of letters in the classroom stuck to the walls and the windows, chairs and tables etc. Harry C liked walking around the room and writing down all the ones he could find. Harry said, ‘Rubilyn did a fantastic letter spot because she found a J on the hexagon shaped table and I didn’t notice it.’

Not all the capital letters were found because the Evil P stole the ones that were at the beginning of the UK country names. ‘We then looked through the atlas to find other countries that started with the same letters.’ (Albie)

Codey’s favourite challenge was writing numbers in sequence to crack the codes.

Lenny enjoyed finding a partner to make a number bond to 10 or 20.

Mia’s favourite part of the week was the challenge of solving the riddles and making 3D shapes from 2D shapes.

Luckily, later in the week, Supertato arrived to help us out and we found out that the Evil P was actually an Evil Pea! We decided to make some traps for him. Elsie enjoyed making her trap, ‘it was a cube shape with a trap door and had a ramp for Evil Pea to walk up. He would then fall in.’

Today we found a final letter from the Evil Pea giving us the clues he promised us to help us find Snowy again. We were able to solve the clues and have found Snowy. ‘He was in the group room under the bin.’ (Jayden)

To finish our Heroes topic we had a dress as a Superhero Day and held a whole school Reading Café this afternoon. We were able to make our own 2D and 3D superveg, print with different fruit and vegetables, make playdough Mr Potato Heads and hunt for The Evil Pea, who had disguised himself and hidden around the school. We had an amazing afternoon and it was so much fun to share it all with our Mums and Dads, Nannies and Grandads and friends. Thank you all for coming.

Mrs Burt says we have all settled really well this half term and she is pleased with all our learning in and out of the classroom. Have a good rest this week and be ready for some more hard work next half term.