Fox Cubs 2016-17

30th September 2016

Hello everyone! Now we are all settled into school and have made lots of new friends we have decided to blog about our learning!

This topic is all about heroes and we were lucky enough to go into an ambulance on Monday! We learnt so much about helping people who are poorly.

We have been learning languages.
“I know French- Bonjour” Emilia told us.
Neidas knows Lithuanian, so we all had a go at saying “labas” to help us talk to him.
Ahmad can speak lots of languages, but we all learnt a bit of Punjabi too! Ahmas is the expert.

We have had a fantastic time in the forest area this week. William is very good at remembering the forest rules. Ebony, William, Aimee-May, and Emilia told us some fantastic stories on the storytelling chair.
Liliana, Lola, Sophia, and Elsie-May made a wonderful (and very magical) fairy garden too.

“I love going to the library at school” Liliana told us. “I chose a Dr Seuss book!” Harvey said, excitedly.

We have had a super week, and look forward to lots of learning next week too! 🙂